Since the first version of the Voguepay Woocommerce Payment Gateway plugin was released on the 28th of January 2014 it has been downloaded over 1100 times.

Looking at the download statistics of the plugin everyday and seeing the number increasing daily just gives me joy that it is being downloaded and used by Nigerians that needs to integrate a payment system in their Woocommerce powered store.

The last version of the plugin that was released was v1.3.0 and it was released two months ago on the 20th of April 2014.

To read about the changes in the previous version, you can read the blog post about it here.

I am pleased to announce v2.0.0 of the Voguepay Woocommerce Payment Gateway plugin.

In this version of the plugin one new feature was added and an existing feature was rewritten.

v2.0.0 Changelog

New: Check if NGN is set as store currency. As Voguepay only process transactions in Naira

As  from this version before the plugin can be used the default currency have to be NGN (Nigerian Naira), if this is not set a notice will be displayed, prompting you to set the default currency to NGN

Fix: Fine tuned the IPN (Instant Payment Notification). Immediately a payment transaction occurs a notification is sent by Voguepay to your site. This allows an order payment status to be updated real-time as soon as a payment transaction occurs and before a user is redirected back to the site.

And to the main feature of this release, in the previous versions of the plugin when a customer is redirected to Voguepay to make payment with either their Voguepay account, MasterCard, Visa Card or Verve Card, if the transaction is successful or not before the payment status of the order on the store is updated the customer have to be redirected back to the site.

This have been fixed in this version as soon as a payment transaction occurs an Instant Payment Notification is being sent to your store before the customer is redirected back. This allows the payment status of an order to be updated real-time as the payment is being made whether the payment transaction is successful or not.


Before you start accepting payment on your site, login to your Voguepay Account go to Account Preferences then API Settings, then set Enable notification API and Send Transaction ID to Success and Failure Return URL to Yes.

Then click on Save Changes for the changes to be effected. It is very important that you do this before you start accepting payment on your site.

You can view the entire changelog for the plugin since when it was released here.

The update will have appeared in your WordPress admin area. So kindly update to the latest version or download the latest version from the plugin directory


Contributions are always welcome. If you will like to contribute to the plugin, feel free to fork the repo on GitHub and submit a pull request with your changes.

If you have any issue using the plugin or want a feature to be added to it feel free to contact me via the Get In Touch link at my site or by clicking here.

And lest I forget I would like to say a big thanks to everyone that uses the plugin.